Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If I could turn back time....

Ahh.. gotta love Cher. Tonight was basically a blast from the past, a whole night dedicated to reminiscing with an old childhood friend I hadn't seen in over 18 years. Sometimes it's good to think about the past and all the memories and fun times you've had... but debatable if it distracts you from a job where you have to focus on people's lives. Luckily I can multitask and it all worked out just fine. I wonder if it's good to hold onto the old friendships you have if your life takes you in another direction? I figure any good friends who you want in your life, you will make time for! And on the upside.... with all of the complaining I tend to be doing lately about work and wishing I could pick those 6 magic numbers to make all my money worries disappear, I would mention that my patients lately have been exceptionally sweet and thoughtful. I even got a couple of fun gifts from a few and it made me remember that I do make a difference in people's lives. It's just nice to feel appreciated for all the effort we do put in. So thank you random patients for taking the time to give me a thanks and sucker me back into why I enjoy my job! Kudos to you!!!

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