Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Everybody's getting out of bed, I'm usually getting in it......

Night shift. Just saying it makes me cringe a little. When most people are familiar with the 9-5 schedule and that... those of us who work night shift know that we live in an alternate universe. The sleep schedule is off, the days off are spent in and out of a stupor depending on if we chose to stay up or try and nap to get something done... you just have to work it to know it. I have been particularly tired these last oh say 10 years or so and am getting fed up with my lethargy. I was on my way home this morning listening to the radio to dull the sound of the pavement when it hit me. Not a deer like you would think as I wind my way through the canyon in the dark every drive... but no, an idea for more energy. The radio program was having guests on this morning of some little kids from an elementary school as their fieldtrip. These kids were so excited, enthusiastic, basically brimming with potential for the new day over something so little as checking out a studio. I wish I could get that excited over anything. So if I could find a way to harness this pip and vigor into a palpable energy then I could basically be recharged every day to do a 150% job in every aspect of my life! I don't know if they could develop some kind of kid energy sucking machine to change their natural enthusiasm into a vitamin supplement that could be marketed that's legal. Since their isn't such a thing... I wonder if they have some little trinket box I could put in my pocket that once opened will spout forth all of their kudos and oohs and ahhhs to jolt me into excitement. A little wee chorus of voices saying, "Wow" "Look at that" "You are awesome". All done with sincerity and personalization. Could you imagine?? I think I am on to something here. So the next day I wake up and feel myself dreading my very existence... I am going to try somewher during that day to hear a little kids awe and wonder and thrill at doing something totally mundane and see if I can't smile!

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