Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's raining and the cats are snoring..... literally.

Deloris and Pumpkin getting along!
Tigerlilly enjoying the rain.
Pumpkin is relaxing after a bowl of milk.

Cheeto snoring with the rhythm of the rain.
My cat snores. We recently rescued this cat from which is a Utah's Craigslist. His name is Cheeto because he is orange. He also has some type of kitty asthma. Most of the time it just sounds gurgly when he gets upset and runs around and exerts himself. But sometimes, it happens when he is just laying there and he will actually snore when he sleeps. With the rain pouring down heavily and me being snuggled up on the couch with one of my billion throws, I can hear his rhythmic snore and it makes me happy to have no pressing engagements today. I have plenty of chores I could be doing..... and yet right now all I can bring myself to do is watch the Hallmark channel and sip my Stephens Hot Cocoa and Lorna Doone cookies. Buttery. So yes, I am living out some people's fantasies of staying in, snuggling up, and indulging in chocolate when the rain is falling outside. Life is good.

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